This page contains projects that go beyond the two dimensions of design of graphics and illustrations, and moves on to Spaces.

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Blue Basil Café and Desserts

Cafe Wall Graphic Artwork and Display Menu Boards

 Blue Basil Cafe is  a cute little cafe offering vegetarian food and dessert options, having its two branches, one in Phoenix Market City and the other at Carter Road, Bandra.  I have designed wall graphics and illustrated menu boards for both the outlets. 

As the name, 'Blue Basil' suggests, the decor is comtemporary, having cool monochrome palette using the hues and tints of  blue.  The cafe overall has a very sybtle feel to it and therewore the clients, Ambrosia Cuisine LLP, wanted me to design something quirky and extravagent yet complementing the decor. I used the graphic wall as an extention  of the cafe which shows the cafe scene in perspective with doodles of people enjoying the food. The people drawn are using puns as a medium to converse in the scene and the puns made are related to the items that are in the menu. I designed a mascot for the cafe who will be appearing everywhere. The designs are similar  in the two outlets, modified according to the need.

Blue Basil Carter Road Outlet - 

Graphic Wall Size - 11 1/2 Feet x  10 Feet

Display Menu Boards Size - 40 Inches x 30 Inches

Blue Basil Phoenix Market City Outlet - 

Graphic Wall Size - 10 Feet x  9 1/2 Feet

Display Menu Boards Size - 47 Inches x  30 Inches

Below are some of the images taken by the customers  at Blue Basil. A photoshoot is scheduled soon, watch this space!

Wealth Cafe Business Advisors

Interior Design & Decoration

 Wealth Café is a Business Advisory firm, headquartered in Mumbai, and has its offices in NCR Delhi, Punjab and Indore. They are a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Semi Qualifieds, etc. 

They are the India winners of QuickBooks - Firm of the Future 2018, the only Indian firm to qualify for the finals. The final round comprised of shooting a day-long video of each of the five finalists from accross the globe. Being from a corporate sector, the office space lacked warmth, colour and liveliness in its structure and space. Which is what encouraged them to have a decor make-over in a short span of only five days! The revap of the space was done in such a way that it served not only for that one-day of shoot, but also for the long term redecoration.

Elements like wall paints and patterns, hand done wall graphics and doodles, anamorphic logo projections, accent wall logo artwork, wall shelves, Plants and greens, Lighting and accessories, small elements like logo identity on cups and coasters, wall decoration etc. were added to the otherwise plain space. All in all, it was a very thrilling and exciting experience.

Below are the images of the office space.