Things I have made for love

Things I have created for lovely couples and families

Be it a newly-wed couple, your anniversary, your childhood best friend's wedding or even if you have completed six months of dating your partner, giving personalised gifts make people happy and the gift itself, memorable!

Custom Illustrated Wedding Invites

Illustrated Artwork

As the wedding season approaches, young couples love to have wedding invites that are not only unique but also that are extremely personalized and extra-ordinary (not to forget the same old design regular templates we are used to seeing.) 

I was commissioned to illustrated these beautiful invites for my clients (Maharashtrian bride and Catholic groom, these invites are from the bride's side) that have everything customized, right from the sari to the jewellery and also the flowers!

Cards and framed art customised for wonderful people

Things I have created for lovely individuals

 I personally love making customized artwork especially since they make people happy. I've been asked by a number of friends and clients who approach me directly to make something for them that would leave people beaming smiles.