Summer solstice and other poems

Poetry book by Shristi Banka, Illustrated and designed by Aishwarya Mankar

'Summer Solstice and other poems by Shristi Banka' is a book for poes that encapsulates the very mood of the seasonal ponderings. It contains 50+ poems that have been beautifully penned down by Shristi Banka and I have had the privilage of Art directing, designing and illustrating it. There are around 30+ illustrations that speak to the reader with a long lasting visual impact, paired in order to compliment the stunningly beautiful emotions expressed by Shristi Banka.

The book is now available for sale on Amazon here.

It has already been featured on  'Hot Releases' and 'Bestsellers in Poetry'  on Amazon. It has been featured on  Goodreads, Sakaltimes, and more.

The Plated Project x Le15 Cafe by Pooja Dhingra

Collaboration on a social impact project by chlorophyll innovation lab.

For the inaugral series, I designed a limited edition Artplate for The Plated Project, in collaboration with Pooja Dhingra's Le15. 

To buy my Artplate, you can visit the Pop-up from 9th October 2019 upto 14th November, at Le15 Cafe in Colaba. It can be purchased online through their website 

Since the theme is 'A Quarter of Nostalgia', I have created a colourful and vibrant design around the games we'd play as children. 

1 plate = 14 nutritious meals for 1 child, through the NGO, Save The Children.

For this beautiful project, my artwork has been shared and I have been quoted on The Hindu where I spoke about my experience. My name has also been featured on Mumbai Mirror for the same.

Humans of Bombay - Savage Sweetu

Weekly Comic Strip (32 Comics)


Humans of Bombay (Official Humans of Bombay Stories Pvt. Ltd.) is India’s largest blog with reach of over a million, sharing stories of individuals that inspire, wonder, celebrate and beautify the human existence. I have worked as a freelance illustrator on a comic strip called ‘Savage Sweetu’, which was featured weekly on their separate page on Instagram called ‘We, The People’, which covers stories pan India. It has been such a pleasure to be working with them, a comic that not only lets out a giggle but also makes you think and agree to the content, and simply relate themselves with it. 

Due to the amusing  comic content and relatable depiction of reality through comedic illustrations, the comics have sparked a lot of conversations and issues on its comments section. Viewers have pointed out the details and discussed issues on the topic of the comics almost on every posts! The posts have garnered an extremely positive response from the viewers, with an average of 7,000 likes (where their previous comics had a maximum of 2,000 likes), with the highest likes reaching upto 27,000 likes!

Sweetu is indeed Savage, pertaining to her name #SavageSweetu, check out their Instagram page with the comic Strip here and their main website here.

Here are some of the comic strips done.

Healing - The Path of Light & हीलिंग-एक प्रकाशवाट

Book Cover Art and Illustrations

Original in Marathi Language -  हीलिंग-एक प्रकाशवाट 

Cover Artwork and illustrations for the Marathi book 'हीलिंग-एक प्रकाशवाट' or 'Healing - Ek Prakashvaat' written by Vrushali Lele (NLP Practioner, Reiki and Seichem Master). This book has been launched on 17th December 2017 at the hands of Sukanya Kulkarni (well-known Marathi Actress) along with Chief Guest - Dr. Satish Puranik (Orthopedic Surgeon) and is available in the market.

As the name suggests, the book is about 'healing', how receiving positive energy can enable us to solve our problems by ourselves and clear the negative block which may appear in our way.

Cover Art Concept -  The cover suggests some key elements about Healing like fertile mother earth (grass and flowers), the rising sun (energy from the universe) to be in the shape of a key hole suggesting that as humans, we ourselves are the keys to the locks we have in life and a symbolical human being (with the seven chakras activated now) is ready to accept the healing with open arms and is content in life. Also, healing is given by hands and hence the hands at the bottom symbolize that. Healing, not being magic, is in fact a process that accelerates the natural healing process of the body and mind with positivity. 

The book is available here.


English Translated - Healing - The Path of Light


The Cover Artwork and illustrations for the Marathi book 'हीलिंग-एक प्रकाशवाट' has been translated in English language called as 'Healing - The Path of Light' written by Vrushali Lele (NLP Practioner, Reiki and Seichem Master). This book has been launched on 7th May 2019 at the hands of Sukanya Kulkarni (well-known Marathi Actress) along with Chief Guest Sunil Barve (famous marathi film and theatre actor) and is available in the market.


The core concept of the book cover art remained same, but was made more suitable for an english-reading audience by introducing subtle and elegant colour scheme and lettering.

The website can be visited here.


IIT Bombay - Psychophysiology Laboratory

Logo Design, Visiting Card design, Letterheads and other Collaterals

Concept Explanation

The logo for Psychophysiology Laboratory has been designed keeping in mind the nature, function and the visual style. The logo depicts a brain seen from the top view with its convolutions and folds that are seen on the surface of the brain.

It is an almost symmetrical design with deliberately incorporated cuts and breaks within each side of the vertical axis. The outer rung of the logo actually encases the letters of the word ‘psychophysiology’ that are actually vertically reflected/mirrored ambigram alphabets. The logo stays as is when it is flipped vertically. The letters serve dual purpose and have different symbolism as they are reflected, e.g., ‘p’ on the left becomes ’y’ on the right, when reflected. The letters, p, s, y, c, h, o, p and h are present on the left half of the logo from bottom to the top and similarly, when the left half is mirrored about a vertical axis, the same letters form the letters, y, s, I, o, l, o, g, y from top to bottom. So, ‘p-s-y-c-h-o-p-h-y-s-i-o-l-o-g-y’ can be read in a complete circle starting from the bottom left up to the top centre and from there to the bottom right. There is also symbolism of ‘IIT-B’ present in the centre of the logo in lowercase. The lines within the logo are tactfully are lighter or darker with breaks and tittles incorporated for the ’I’s’. This denotes two contrasting functions that the left and the right side of our brain carry out. 

Design Brief

Psychophysiology Laboratory at IIT-Bombay intended to redesign its logo with something relevant yet abstract and easy to reproduce for various purposes.

Psychophysiology is the study of the relationship between physiological and psychological phenomena, the way in which the mind and body interact.

The laboratory hosts research in various psychological studies in the areas of Dyslexia, Autism, Depression, ADHD and many other conditions and disorders. The EEG brain wave equipment is very frequently used for studies.

Points to be taken into consideration when designing – 

1.The logo is to be designed in Black (single colour) and should be able to be used in white as well, but all in single colour. 

2.Should be easily reproducible. 3.Should be abstract in nature but have logic backing it. 

4.Can have some symbolism of brain/brain signals/ brain waves/psychophysiological elements in it. 

5.Has to be used on official letterhead, stationery, visiting card, books, lab signage, lab door etc.  

Stories For Ever

Illustrations and Book Cover art

I got the privilege to illustrate Mr. Sajjanraj Mehta’s book named ‘Stories For Ever’ in English and Hindi for private circulation, published by Magna Publishing, in December 2017; 

This is a book of stories, stories that guide, inspire, encourage and fill your soul with lessons of life.

My esteemed client, Mr. S. R. Mehta. He is a CA who owns and runs his firm ‘S. R. Mehta and Co.’ and is also an independant director at Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL) from The Kalpataru Group (one of India’s leading group of companies that deal with Real Estate, Power Transmission and Distribution, Civil Infrastructure and Logistics)

Mr Mehta tells that his inspiration for the book is his own son, Suhrid who would not sleep until his father narrated at least one of those hundreds of stories except for the one year when he was abroad pursuing his studies. These very stories created a timeless bond and they live in his heart forever, just like his son. Mr Suhrid wanted his father to put down at least a few of those hundred stories in print, in Hindi and English, into a contemporary form that would be accessible (only 500 copies for private circulation) to his family, friends and their loved ones.

Story Illustrations

Now illustrating these stories was simple in thought and clear in execution, but it also had the pressure of being perfect. There are 21 stories which have 22 illustrations (1 for each). Justice had to be given to the intent of these stories, this entire book and also properly convey the message of these stories.

Book Cover Art

The brief was that the cover art had to ‘timeless’; much like the bond between the father and the son and the stories that bonded them even stronger. It is inspired from the painting Mr Suhrid had created, a brilliant scenic painting. The father and the son in the cover are sitting on a landscape inspired from the painting, frozen in time. The scenic nature, the bond, the painting and the story all speak of timelessness.

© Sajjanraj Mehta 2018

All illustrations used in the book and the cover art copyright of Sajjanraj Mehta, 2018

Chaitanya Caterers

Logo, Branding and Merchandising

Chaitanya Caterers is a catering company since 1992 and has been delivering quality services and unique signature dishes for any celebratory events.  

Starting from the Logo Design, Business Card Design, I moved on to the Dish Labels, Counter Stands, Dish Cards and brochures for the same.

The Counter Stands have a metal sleeve and a permanent acrylic board where Chaitanya Caterers can replace the Counter Menu on an A4 sheet and paste it there for every event. It is the same concept with the Dish Labels, the individual dish labels can be stuck on the space provided on the acrylic sheet. 

S.S.A. Architects Workshop

Team Special 26 Presentation Graphics

Almost every year  S.S.A. Architects (officially known as Sandeep Shikre & Associate Pvt, Ltd.) holds a full day workshop where different teams within the firm fro different branches, sectors and locations (i.e. Architecture Sector, Engineering Sector, Interior Design Sector, Project Management sector, Mumbai team, Pune team, etc.) come together to celebrate, collaborate and express their feelings and experiences.

These graphics are for the Inerior Design, Mumbai team headed by Ar. Alpa Shikre.

Headphone Zone

Icon Pack Design

Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive Headphone Retail Brand featuring the World's Finest Headphones from brands renowned for their sound, design and style. It is one stop online destination for exclusive headphones, earphones, Amps, DACs, Audiophiles and other personal audio devices. 

I worked in collaboration with Hardik Gandhi (Graphic Designer, Artist and illustrator) for Headphone Zone's website icon pack for their homepage. The brief was clear to create minimalist icons and depict exactly what the category is as many people might not be very familiar with the concept of advanced personal-use audio gears. Very minute differences between two icons ( eg. Wireless and In-Ear Earphones, etc. ) that have a minor difference between the visual icon but have a different concept of functioning in reality had to be taken care of.